We believe in ideas and that the future of technology starts now. We are a Tech incubator that provides expertise, resources and support for startups and growth companies.

About Increasor

Current state

Increasor is currently being reformed after a couple of months with uncertainty. As of right now the company does not have the organisation to continue with the Tech Incubator business. The new CEO is working to find and develop new streams of income for the company with the goal to get the company back on its feet by the middle of 2023.

Passion for innovation

Wondering why we want to help Tech innovations? Let’s just say it is something we are passionate about. Innovation is one of the best ways to discover new opportunities for the future. We want to be part of the train that develops better products and services for people all around the world.

We are global

Culture and teams

Increasor thrives with an extremely creative team of individuals all around the world. With a culture of diligence, respect, and transparency we have built great teams spanning three continents. We embrace creativity with an open-door approach, ideas bring us all together. Want to learn more about Increasor and how you can join the team?

What matters most


Business growth is not the easiest to achieve, but with the right approach, tools, and resources we can help your business grow organically within a short period of time. It is what we know how to do best. Growth is our objective, growth is our identity, growth is our way…

Support and Solutions


Increasor is all about growth, technology, and innovations, and our major tool is using digital solutions to achieve our long-term and short-term objectives. This determination impacts how our work gets done, transforms how our clients and partners engage and interact, and also enables us to create new (digital) revenue streams. With Increasor you will always be ahead of the curve.
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