Who we are

Increasor invests in smart solutions where the platform will solve a problem, make something more efficient or just optimizing current system. We’d enter stable traditional businesses and providing them with smart digital solutions. Our idea is to grow through acquisitions and enter the stock market by 2021. Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) is a Swedish public company.

Increasor mainly invests in traditional businesses where smart digital solutions is applicable. Our model is to grow through acquisitions and become a natural choice as accelerator for many start-ups.

Passion by Increasor

  • We empower entrepreneurs towards their next step
  • We empower them by giving them the connections
  • We empower them by giving them the tools
  • We empower them by always stick around

Business Industries
What We Serve


Investing Offers

With an optimized structure and with resources that have created and read thousands of offers, it’s a lot more easy.


Mergers & Acquisitions

This service includes all parts of a structural transaction such as write ups of agreements, scouting target companies and reverse take-overs.


Financial Media

Our strongest advantage is the new way of thinking in marketing strategies. We reach out to broad network of potential investors for your startup.


Organizational Recruitment

We do have oppurtunity of resources available and knows where to start finding such potential people.


Business & Finance

The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.


IR Services

Shortly described we keep you compliant with both your regulatory demands and with your shareholders at a level that you decide.

Our business areas

  • Legal and Fintech
  • Funding & Consultation
  • User Interface & Experience
  • Data Intelligence Management

Chair & CEO

Andreas Trouin

Andreas holds a background within B2B sales and positions with leadership. He is also outmost responsible for the company Sprattlevann and the operations that are being held there.

Mattias Ahlberg

Mattias have a long background within Investor Relations and corporate services, which makes him the best possible person to lead the operations within the company Capeum Nordic.

Helena Hallgarn

Helena has a broad background within law, economy and IT-management within multiple branches of industry. With this background she assists with legal and agreement questions.

Magnus Wingqvist

Magnus have multiple years of experience within IT and holds a degree from Gothenburgs Business school within business planning for growing companies. These two areas combined, makes him a great asset to discuss development questions with.

Eleonor Åslund

Eleonor have more than 13 years experience as a HR-Specialist and has above all played a significant role in several branches of Marginalen Bank during their growth phase. This makes Eleonor a fantastic resource during our growth phase.

Magnus Forsbrand

Magnus holds a degree from Chalmers in Gothenburg within civil engineer. He have multiple years of experience in listed environments and different type of boards. Magnus is a valuable resource to have on a journey to the stock exchange.

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