Who are we?

Increasor is an investment firm that constantly dedicates resources to improving and supporting innovative business actors with smart technology and digitized solutions. We are a family of like minded people who see beyond the present right into the future. 

Increasor mainly invests in traditional businesses where digital solutions are applicable. Our vision is to grow through acquisitions and become a natural choice and growth accelerator for many start-ups where our leading team of experts will always be ready to assist in transforming your business by using tailored digital technologies. 

We use revolutionary business techniques and methods to ensure that  you always stay ahead of the curve. 


Our Business Scopes

  • Legal and Fintech
  • Funding & Consultation
  • User Experience & Interface 
  • Data Intelligence Management
Our North Star Metric begins with you!

How we support Entrepreneurs

  • Through decision making processes
  • Develop solid business connections
  • Provide basic support and empowerment
  • Provide access to essential business Tools 
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our brands

Investment Advantages

by investing in one company you gain access to support services from all our other brands


Increasor provides a safety net for entrepreneurs as an investment firm that dedicates resources to improving and supporting innovative business actors with smart technology and digitized solutions. Among other things, Increasor operates in various tech areas as well as in e-commerce.



Capeum combines traditional Corporate Finance with high tech IT solutions which, in divergence from traditional Finance, makes it possible to work in a more integrated system with the clients while they also benefit  from a sublime established network. 



Sprattlevann benefits from data-driven tools that transform your visions into business benefits. By combining strategic marketing with digital tools Sprattlevann is able to reach out to a broad network of potential investors for your startup.



Finanstid is one of Sweden’s leading financial magazines that brings the latest information for small- and midcap companies. As a supplier of the latest updates within the stock market, real estate and alternative investments, we make sure you stay up to date with your business.  



Increasor aims to expand its e-commerce portfolio starting with Duplotryck which is a classic printing company with a twist that offers all of the possible resources needed to meet all of your needs in visual exposure. They accept everything from corporate orders to personalized orders.



Framtidsbolagen offers a fantastic source of exposure as they are a podcast that interviews both corporate giants and growing companies. They give their listeners an insight into your business as well as highlighting why your company would be worth investing in. 


Andreas Trouin

Andreas holds a background within B2B sales and positions with leadership. In addition to Increasor, he is also outmost responsible for one of our partnered agencies, Sprattlevann, and the operations that are being held there.

Mattias Ahlberg

Mattias have a long background within Investor Relations and Corporate Services, which ideally, makes him to a perfect fit to lead the operations within one of our partner companies Capeum Nordic as well as serving as a part of the board.

Magnus Wingqvist

Magnus have multiple years of experience within IT and holds a degree from Gothenburgs Business School within business development. By combining these two areas he becomes a reliable and valuable source to discuss business development with.

Eleonor Åslund

Eleonor have more than 13 years experience as a HR-Specialist and has above all played a significant role in several branches of Marginalen Bank during their growth phase. This makes Eleonor a fantastic resource during our growth phase.