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For Startups and Innovative businesses

Increasor is a Tech Incubator that constantly dedicates resources to improving and supporting startups and innovative businesses with investments, smart technology and digitalised solutions. We are a team of like-minded people who see beyond the present right into the future.

Who are we

As a tech-driven business Incubator, Increasor mainly invests in traditional businesses where Tech & digital solutions are applicable. Our vision is to grow through acquisitions and become a natural choice and growth accelerator for many start-ups where our leading team of experts will always be ready to assist in transforming your business by using tailored growth solutions.

We use revolutionary business techniques and methods to ensure that you always stay ahead of the curve.

Our strategy for the FUTURE

Increasor exists to empower startups by proving financial support, generating revenue and proposing business solutions. Digitisation is a fundamental business need which also serves as the lifeblood of modern societies, and our role is to enable our partners to be a part of the future of digital intelligence and Technology in application to business performance.

As we implement our strategy, we have chosen specific priorities to shape our future and help us continue to create value for our firm, our partners, entrepreneurs, and our investors at large.

Our strategy is to build a leading, focused Tech Incubator powered by advanced digital technology, innovation, and measurable results. We are dedicated to providing growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Our strategic priorities

Encourage performance and excellence

We are constantly monitoring how we work, we only expect nothing more than creativity and dedication from our teams. We embrace agile teams, and we build sublime productivity indexes such that we are empowered to use our resources to invest and support digital innovation and help boost business success.

Unleash the potency of ideas

We have a culture that boldly ensures that our people are always unrestricted when it comes to applying their ideas on fully utilising their talents to create unconventional solutions and directives while keeping positive energy always. We’re creating a working environment where people are happy to work, ready to inspire and be inspired, curious and unrestricted.

Provide transformative innovation

In our dedication as an investment firm to digital innovation, we continuously challenge conventional methods and we explore several innovative digital possibilities to help us achieve the end goal of creating value for our partners. Our intervention in Entrepreneurial business decisions and activities is backed by the methodology of rational intervention and service quality.

Digital solutions & transformations

Our approach to digitized growth opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs involves advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and technological innovation, all of which serve as precursors to a successful business.

Build trust with entrepreneurs and partners

We strive to build trust with our entrepreneurs and partners through making conscious efforts to operate with high values and integrity and to find new ways to expand our partner’s unlimited access to all our sister brands

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How we support Startups


Through decision making processes


Develop solid business connections


Provide basic support and empowerment


Provide access to essential business tools

What we believe

Investment in Technology creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses, and societies. We believe that investing in smart technology and digitized solutions are fundamental to the success of your company. We believe that trust in our firm is essential to build deeper and longer relationships with our clients and that great customer experiences must be personalized, seamless, and engaging.

Our vision

Our vision as a Tech Incubator is to grow through acquisitions and become a natural choice and growth accelerator for many startups, where our leading team of experts will always be ready to assist Entrepreneurs in transforming their businesses by using tailored solutions.

Our mission

Our mission as a Tech Incubator is to provide growth opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs without restricting their creative processes.

Our work ethic

Responsibility and AccountabIlity




Fairness and Respect

Our history

Early 2020 really brought the World to its knees, as we were all limited and restricted. It became impossible to create, innovate and even run a business properly because the COVID virus had disrupted the natural order of things. It was during this period that Increasor Technology Investment became an idea as we had seen how businesses crumbled in the twinkle of an eye just because they were not digitized to function in a non-contact world.

We wanted to create a solution for startups and new businesses, so we began to operate as a modern business Angel that empowers startups with the required knowledge, tools, and network that would solve their problems, our approach was of course through Digital technological Solutions.

As a Swedish public company based in Stockholm, we have since gained the loyalty of over 1000 Shareholders. Our growth has been mainly by acquisitions and we are certainly entering the Stock market in 2022. Our e-commerce portfolio is an integral part of our reputation, capabilities, and result-driven company structure.

We are business developers, entrepreneur lovers and we love to implement digital Technology, our team has since grown strong with over 20 team members who have been trained and taught our core values and work ethics.

Team members

Theodor Lantz


Joakim Brezén

Senior Redovisningsekonom

Veranika Berazouskaya