Increasor Accounting Services

Cloud-based Accounting Platform for Growing Businesses

Increasor uses a reliable cloud-based bookkeeping platform that comes with an easy-to-use app and Customisable API Integration

Track expenses – customize invoices – run reports, and more – all in one place.


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Access anytime, on any device

Your data is stored in the cloud, allowing you to run your business from your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone.
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Easily track your cash flow

Send custom quotes and invoices to get paid faster. Then track your sales and expenses and sort receipts in one place.

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Build better business insights

Create reports and collaborate with your advisor to see how your business is doing and get ready for tax time.


The proper recording of financial transactions is essential to both small and large businesses. The accounting solutions that we provide for our clients at Increasor help to keep their businesses on track regarding various payments, financial development, bookkeeping, and business expenses. Our talented team of accountants provides advice to small starting businesses on the right investment and best structure for their business to ensure financial stability.

It is thus essential for growing business owners to get the best accounting services that Increasor has to offer to their business.

Increasor’s chartered accountants specialize in several areas from auditing to management. Our chartered accounts are registered and certified members of the professional accounting body.


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An impressive payment system

With us, you can generate and send professional-looking invoices in the blink of an eye. Increasor’s platform allows you to create automated templates and schedules that make getting paid even simpler.
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Easily generate receipts and Invoices

Keep a real-time record of every payment receipt, so you’re organized and ready for tax time.
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Run a report in seconds

See how your business is doing with a range of business reports. Or customize one to include details that matter to you.

Public accounting

This is the most comprehensive type of accounting, here we essentially focus on account management services, bookkeeping, and financial analysis. Increasor takes responsibility for the preparation of taxes, creating accounting system designs, identification of financial errors, and compensating employees.

Managing to account

This is one of our core accounting services areas, Inceasor will account, record, and analyze the business financial data and use the information to help in budgeting, cost management, asset management, and performance evaluation.

Internal Auditing

It is also our responsibility to conduct internal auditing for our clients, here, we are involved in checking financial waste, fraud, management practices, and mismanagement. We provide verification and insight to see if the business is operating by standard laid down laws and regulations. Increasor specializes in various fields of auditing, including, environmental auditing, technology auditing, and compliance auditing.