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Capeum established – want to simplify Corporate Finance


In October 2020 Capeum Nordic AB (Capeum) was formed as a fully owned subsidiary company to Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ).

Mattias Ahlberg, President of the board in Increasor is responsible for the operations. Capeum is a new player within Corporate Finance, Investor Relations (IR) and financial communication. An example is to ease the process for clients that is on its way towards a listing but also as support for already listed companies.
Capeum is not subject to a permit.

A selection of the services offered

Capeum can assist through the whole listing process, from the planning stage, the earlier that Capeum enters, the more it gives. Example of services is creating a prospect or memorandum to give more information to possible investors. Capeum can also help with marketing of pre-IPO, IPO or for already listed companies issuances. New share issuances is also a regular returning service.

Own financial web magazine and podcast

Capeum owns the financial web magazine, which holds a certificate of release for Webb and app, with Mattias Ahlberg as responsible publisher. Finanstid have approximately 40 000 subscribers on the newsletter. The magazine is focused on small businesses, early investments, tech and alternative investments.

In addition to the magazine, Capeum have a newly started podcast, which goes under the name Framtidsbolagen and you can find it where you find podcasts.

These two channels of distribution is a powerful combination for clients to get a wide spread of the message to the correct audience.

Other Services

Capeum works as IR-Consults for listed companies. For a monthly cost, a number of hours is included for the company’s communication towards the market, a very appreciative service for businesses and CEOs for listed companies.

Capeum also have a license to resell, Swedens absolute best and developed digital share ledger. Already today the Nordiska Värdepappersregistret have over 8 000 companies share ledgers in their system.

Cost-effective and clear price

Whether you are doing a smaller marketing campaign or a complete listing project, the clients of Capeum receives a clear price picture before the activity begin and we always try to give as few surprises as possible to the clients.

Mattias Ahlberg, head of operations for Capeum comments:-“It feels amazing to see that Capeum is finally realized! Our “corp-box” is a very hood addition to the corporation and was the missing piece of the puzzle. I have an aggressive growth plan and counting with having a positive cash flow during the beginning of 2021, all pre requisites is there to build something great of Capeum. We have spent this strange year to create a fantastic platform with a financial web magazine that have approximately 40 000 subscribers and a podcast. Add that to a wide table of corporate finance services, where we in the corporation holds absolute top competence, there are no excuses to not succeed with this area of business. It is with high expectations I take this assignment to lead Capeum.”

Increasor are experts to find digital solutions for all needs. We want to be the leading company within tech investments in Scandinavia. Increasor is focusing on simplicity and business intelligence, rather than complex and expensive solutions. Technology should be about support and strengthen people each day, not the other way around.


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