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Sprattlevann in deal valued at 1,8 MSEK

Sprattlevann AB, has as development company sold the rights to a fintech platform, which the company have developed. The buyer is a company that will run the platform, the company that acquire the platform will be co-owned with Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) which after the transaction will own 33 % of the operating company. […]

Press release

Your annual reports printed and delivered with it’s own print shop located in Kungsholmen, are now launching bookings with free delivery in april.  Corona doesn’t leave anything unaffected. But companies and organizations’ duties about annual reports and AGM’s continues. have the experience that the spring is extremely intense in this area. Especially tenant-owner associations often feel panic when the […]

Press release launches new e commerce solution

Sprattlevann AB owns and runs the brand The E-commerce platform which launched in Mars have now been transferred to a whole new platform. New tools and smoother order flow In the new platform, tools like quotation management have been implemented which means that quotations to clients can be created in an instant within the […]

Press release

New driving force to Dunk Studios

The young and promising producer David Christiansen has joined a cooperation with Sprattlevanns music project Dunk Studios with the possibility for future partnership The path is clear – Now time for execution A well thought through business plan to make the concept profitable without removing the feeling of exclusivity and the customer experience. The plan […]

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