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Increasor Tech Invest is currently carrying out its last new share issue prior to the listing, which is planned for 2021. In connection with this, Finanstid has had an exclusive interview with CEO Andreas Trouin, who explains Increasor as a company and the concept behind the business.

Hi Andreas! Thank you for taking the time for a short interview. Do you want to start by telling us a little bit about Increasor and what you do?
Hey! Thanks! Increasor is an incubator whose main focus is to help start-ups and smaller growth companies to grow. Within the Group, we have several different tools for making start-ups grow. We have a web development team, a design team, an accounting team, and a team that works in corporate finance. To help us with publicity, we have an online magazine with 100,000 – 150,000 page views a day that is used as a marketing channel to make the companies in our incubator business grow rapidly.

Increasor is currently carrying out a new share issue where a total of SEK 10 million will be raised. What is the purpose of the issue?
Our growth strategy is to grow through acquisitions. This year, our financial goal is for SEK 22 million to be sold organically through the existing operations, and in total, we will acquire SEK 48 million in sales. The capital we are currently raising in the issue will be fully used for acquisitions that create strong synergy effects with other subsidiaries. We are currently in final negotiations with most companies that will strengthen the Group in an excellent way. We have laid a strong foundation but have also identified some companies that operate in interesting industries and that will assist with an even stronger customer offering together with other subsidiaries. An accounting firm was recently acquired that will support the accounting within the companies that are part of the incubator operations.

What distinguishes Increasor’s incubator operations from other incubator operations?
We have created a unique business concept that few other incubators can compare with. A traditional incubator can normally assist startups with some of the benefits that we offer our customers, such as capital and possibly a place to work. But, in reality, we offer way more than that, in the form of, for example, web development and accounting. We are innovative and we are driven to helping start-ups to grow and become profitable. Entrepreneurship is important for society and we have all the skills needed in-house to go from idea to a strong cash flow.

What types of industries/companies do you pick into your incubator business? How do you do that when a company needs your help?
We have built up a strong advisory board that gives its assessment of the companies that need our help. Our expertise and fo us is on Tech, so the Tech companies are the companies we pay attention to. When we choose to include a company in the incubator business, we initially take a small part of the shares in the company to minimize our risk. We then help the companies to go from idea to cash flow. When we then notice that the company is starting sales or chooses to make an exit of some kind, we charge the customer. We thus take a risk when we undertake a project but also a potentially large return on our invested time.

Do you have any concluding words for those who are considering investing in you? Why invest in Increasor?
Increasor has grown incredibly fast in a short time. We have built a unique business with a strong team that will help our customers achieve success. Stockholm has produced the most unicorns (valuation over 1 billion USD) in the world per capita after Silicon Valley. There are lots of talented entrepreneurs in Stockholm who have a sharp idea but may not have all the tools required to take the company all the way and this is where Increasor comes into the picture. By having all the expertise within the Group, the demand for our services also increases. Tech is the future and we are also confident that the demand for our services will also exist in the future. Together with driven entrepreneurs, we are strong.

Read more here if you also want to participate in the new share issue. The issue runs until September 30 – However, allotment takes place on an ongoing basis.

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