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As a show of our dedication to traditional Corporate Finance firms, we have developed an integrated system with our customers while using our large network within the industry to achieve great results. We believe that the combination of traditional Corporate Finance and high-tech fintech solutions is the key to success.

Project Management

The key to executing a project successfully is having a strong foundation, what we mean is that it is important to have a project plan that has been approved and realistic.

We help our client company’s management to define the goal of their project, estimate the amount of resources that will be needed to complete and create a realistic time schedule for the completion. It is common that clients come to us late in the project phase, when the survival of the company is at stake. Even at this stage we will help execute said projects using the resources available to us. However, the greatest benefit of having Increasor as a partner comes with having a feasible time frame for project management, execution and completion.

All projects are different since the goal for each unique project differs. Therefore, as a client of Increasor, you get a tailored project plan suited towards your company goal goal. We will bring in one or teams of our capable and experienced personal project managers who will be dedicated to the project till completion.

Marketing of Issuance

We have a highly potent database with potential investors, both individuals and institutional investors. We also have contacts with security custodians, Venture Capital companies and networks of angel investors. We have over 20 years of experience within issuance and capital raising. We are dependable and competent within the traditional methods for capital raising such as Private Placement, acquisitions, public issuance, convertible bonds, corporate bonds and much more.

By combining legal demands during capital raising with the latest digital technology within marketing, we create extremely cost-effective campaigns with successful outcomes. We make sure that the right people get the offer, thus ensuring that resources and times are not wasted on marketing in numerous channels that would yield minimal results.

Increasor is not a security custodian and is therefore not allowed to take care of the issuance fully from a legal perspective, instead we hire, if needed, an institution or the company that will run the issuance to take care of the contact with investors and Bolagsverket for registration.

Increasor can also provide support for companies with the issuance through marketing, these companies get the most out of a partnership if Increasor is with them from the start and takes care of the administration of the issuance. This means full control from start to finish.

Our Business Model

The thought behind Increasor Corporate Services is to combine traditional Finance with high tech IT solutions. In divergence to traditional Corporate Finance firms we work more integrated with our client and use our great network within the industry to achieve great results. The combination of traditional Corporate Finance and high tech Fintech solutions is the key to success!

We focus on Scandinavia and the Baltics, but the world is our field of work, our resources, networks and clients are all around the world. Our partnership with our clients enables us to share the similar business goals that leads to ultimate success.

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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.
Our Address:
Our Address:

Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) Grev Turegatan 27, 114 38 Stockholm

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Our Mailbox: or Box 5205, 102 45 Stockholm

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Our Phone:

+46 (0)8-122 55 890

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