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We are proud to be able to deliver Sweden’s only fully functioning digital share register which includes a custody account for the shareholders without extra cost. Increasor holds a firm license for a digital share register. The product is fully scalable and the low cost makes growth possible without leaving a strain on finances. Included in this service offering are the onboarding and registrations for the first year.
Electronic shares or digital shares are shares that are represented in some form on an electronic stock ledger. These have the same properties as paper shares, just that they are recorded only in electronic form. There are no major differences with electronic and paper stocks, just one is in paper form and the other is not. Your company can still issue all the various forms of its shares electronically.
All the following types of equity can be stored as digital shares:

Common stock

Preferred stock



Convertible notes (debt that can convert into equity)

Restricted units

Restricted stock units

Other forms of securities as well

Recent technological advances have led to more and more companies issuing digital/electronic shares. Companies must however notify the shareholders of any changes in the shareholdings of the company and also keep a record of the updated shareholder list. With electronic shares, this can be achieved seamlessly all online with notifications to shareholders via email; greatly reducing the time and cost needed to keep the cap table of a company up to date.

Need help creating your own digital share register? Please contact us for more information.

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