This week Framtidsbolagen is hosting Michael Pettersson, CEO of Sensec

Denna vecka gästades Framtidsbolagen av Michael Pettersson, VD för Sensec

The third episode of Finanstids popular financial podcast “Framtidsbolagen” is now released. This time we are hosting Michael Pettersson, the police officer that became CEO at Sensec and furthermore security expert with a wide competence within big parts of the security industry.

Listen about how and why Sensec became the choice for both the security of Eurovision Song Contest on Friends as well as the popes visit to Sweden a few years ago.

Most people have used Sensecs machines, especially since they are highly used in for example security checks on airports as well as public areas such as courts and nuclear facilities.

It is a very interesting conversation in a special time where the amount of people flying is decreasing because of the pandemic, while new areas of work are appearing such as searching for landmines.

The third episode of Sweden’s newest financial podcast, Framtidsbolagen, you do not want to miss this!


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