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Increasor uses digitalization to improve the efficiency of processes, maintain all-round consistency and Job quality. Increasor will Improve and facilitate your communications, information exchange, and data.

Increasor & Digitalization

For us, it’s more than a just word, digitalisation affords us the opportunity to reduce operating costs by 20% while also improving efficiency for our partners and investors. Our Digi-Tech approach is backed up by our professional creative teams of developers, technicians, programmers, and business experts who use disruptive and efficient methods to create, solve problems, create new business models, develop solutions for the future and generate new revenue sources.

With Increasor there is always a better way to get things done. We believe in generating new opportunities for growth while helping businesses and start-ups capture and retain customers and potential customers directly. With our approach to digitalization, you will always gain a competitive edge. Let us help you find an easier way to run your business without hassles.

Using analytics and A.I.

Data makes the world go round, it also plays a key role in business growth and development by Informing and improving decision-making, helping to revamp and refine operations, and also creating new streams of revenue. Increasor’s data insights and accurate analysis improve productivity by speeding up decision-making processed and quickly identifying problems even before they arise.

By providing guidance on business decisions, Increasor becomes a support for most businesses that intend to create value by planning for both short-term and long-term strategies. This advantage allows our partners to efficiently utilize their resources only in areas where it is needed the most. Increasor gives you a chance to be ahead of everyone with proper decision-making guidance and direction. Reach out today.

Customer experience and the future

At Increasor, we use Digital transformation to support the implementation of digital technologies into all relevant areas of business management, this is done in an effort to develop a rigid, sustainable, and insightful relationship with customers and customer needs. Digital transformation is the force that is needed to move your business forward.

Increasor creates new opportunities for businesses to further understand their customers. Let us create a future where people are offered the best there is, a future where customers are satisfied, a future where your business, brand, or company means more than just a name. Build your future with Increasor.
Our Address:
Our Address:

Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) Grev Turegatan 27, 114 38 Stockholm

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Our Mailbox: or Box 5205, 102 45 Stockholm

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Our Phone:

+46 (0)8-122 55 890

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