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Finanstid launches new financial podcast

Finanstid lanserar ny finanspodd

The 9th of November the first episode of the completely new financial podcast “Framtidsbolagen” will be released. An initiative by Finanstid.

The people who reads Finanstid will recognize the category and the subjects that will be discussed in the Podcast. As the name suggests it will be people who will create the companies of the coming generation that will be interviewed. As well as people that may not be in that direct segment, but whom could still have unprecedented stories and suggestions from their journey.

Mattias Ahlberg, Editor in chief at Finanstid comments: -“The same way we think with Finanstid, to not put hundreds of hours to analyze listed companies on the Large-cap list, we think with the podcast. We want to find the stars of tomorrow within the world of business and companies, to put it simply, the ones that are in the middle of their company journey, somewhere in between newly started businesses and established companies. It happens a lot in that phase that the public neither talk about or knows about. We think that it interesting.”

The podcast will be published where podcasts exists, and the goal is that with the help of our beloved readers and the subscribers of Finanstid, that the podcast will grow fast.

About the podcast – Framtidsbolagen

What makes a company sustainable? What is it that makes it so some companies are better equipped for the future than others?

Electricity, the radio, the car, the telescope, the airplane, the penicillin, the computer and the phone, yes, the list can go far with revolutionary inventions which have changed our would. What is a common denominator for these, is that they all started with one idea. The question is, what other ideas are being hatched right now, what new fantastic innovations will see the light? However, and idea has to be more than just smart, it also needs to be sustainable. The discussion of society today is often about sustainability and the future. How shall we run a company that is both sustainable economically and for our planet. How do we create profitability while we shall leave a healthy earth for coming generations. Multiple companies seemed to have solved the most important equation and in the podcast Framtidsbolagen we will meet some of them. As a consumer you will get to know the companies behind the products. As investor you will get a wider look in to the operations and visions of the future. Could economically growth and a sustainable planet be = TRUE.

We will meet both fresh, newly started companies and the big companies that have been there for a long time. What is a common denominator for both of them is that they want to grow and create attention about their operations. We will get to see more of their business idea and what makes it special. How did everything started, how does their plans for the future look like and why is their company worth investing in. A lot of companies have or are on their way to change their industries, create new standards as well as improve the everyday life and our society. With the podcast we want to raise innovation and entrepreneurs and give the creators of these companies a chance to show themselves to a wider audience.

Cause maybe, there are some of these idea that will revolutionize our world.

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