In the second episode of Finanstids new podcast Framtidsbolagen we are hosting Jonas Hernborg, CEO of Elitfönster.

Andra avsnittet för Framtidsbolagen är nu ute, denna gång gästades vi av Jonas Hernborg, VD på Elitfönster

In the second episode of Finanstids new podcast Framtidsbolagen we are hosting Jonas Hernborg, CEO of Elitfönster. The episode takes the listener through Jonas role as CEO and his vision for the the future in a company that has been creating windows in Småland since 1924. Elitfönsters clear work for sustainability and technical innovations, such as smart windows are a some of the many subjects that is discussed with Jonas as he is being interviewed by host Hampus Rebjö.

Jonas Hernborg is, since February 2019, CEO for the company Elitfönster, which is a part of the listed company Inwido – Europes biggest supplier of windows and doors. In the episode Jonas tells us about how a century of småländsk stubbornness and spirit made Elitfönster a leading window supplier in Sweden.

Jonas is a charismatic and communicative leader whom leads the soon to be the 100 year old company with the goal that it will become a predecessor within sustainability and digitization. He have clear visions about how the leader role of the future will go from being a traditionally authoritarian figure to becoming more inspiring and visionary where an important key to success lies in a company’s combined engagement and spirit – or as Jonas himself describes it: Profit and Fun!

In the episode Jonas explains how they make the windows from start to finish and how Elitfönster can offer two billion different combinations of windows. He also empathize the value of working sustainable both social and economically and with the least possible environmental impact. Elitfönster have a big engagement towards the rural areas, environment and sustainable manufacturing processes. They are also working continuously with developing their products to contribute to a better indoor climate and save energy. The interviewer Hampus Rebjö and Jonas also talks about work culture and about handling crisis and trying times, for example a pandemic. Jonas tell us that the company is facing hardships together within the company and handles it through transparency and participation. Elitfönster have successfully walked towards the stream during the pandemic and makes an, historic wise, big investment with the intention to secure positions for workers, develop the production and contribute to the development of the rural areas.


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