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Increasor ahead – Tasked to develop advanced legaltech system

Increasor i framkant - Uppdrag att utveckla avancerat legaltech system

During the last year, the majority of the companies have had to adapt to new guidelines. Covid-19 have made it hard and in some cases almost impossible to meet physical, which lead to complications during for example general meetings.

Increasor have signed an agreement with Reguity Group to develop a legaltech system which will solve that problem. Reguity Group are mostly recognized for their creation of a very popular share ledger which is named Nordiska Värdepappersregistret. The digital share ledger is Sweden’s, by far most established with over 10 000 companies share ledgers, and already half of them have expressed that they are willing to pay for such a service.

Mattias Ahlberg, Head of the board for Increasor comments the collaboration: -“We have been thinking of doing this since already before Covid-19 entered the game. the law for limited companies are in a few places outdated, and the rules around physical presence at the meetings are one of them. Now the Riksdag have decided that during the whole of 2021, it will be okay with fully digital general meetings, my hope is that the law will change there. To do this together with Reguity Group feels fantastic, they have developed their digital share ledger since 2005 and created a very good product which we also use.” Mattias Ahlberg continues: – “Through this service we will be able to solve a lot of issues that became noticeable during the last year, we will be able to help companies and organizations in the whole of Sweden to solve this problem and already during the first six months it will generate revenue.

Henrik Kristensen, CEO at Reguity Group comments:-“The companies completes each other very well! We know the process and the regulatory around hybrid general meetings. Increasor have the development resources and the system architects. Together we will get all the pieces of this puzzle in the right place to create a complete system which is smooth from a user experience perspective, while it is completely safe legal wise. We have run a few test with live voting during spring and it worked well, however we need to complete with more functions. We have over 10 000 companies, at least half of these are very likely to be interested in using the service.

The project will be incorporated with shared owenership between the companies. The goal is to be finished before the general meetings start during the spring. What needs to be in place is the first version of attendence through BankID, postal voting, live voting, webcasting, count of votes and logging of the meeting.

More information of the project will be sent out as we move forward.

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