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Press release

Increasor hit by the pandemic

Several people at Increasor have fallen ill and tested positive to Covid-19 since the weekend. Despite the efforts made to prevent the spread of the virus, some of the staff at Increasor have now also been affected.

The situation is stable with all victims so far, but of course, they are all in quarantine in their homes.

We would like to tell our partners, customers, and shareholders that response times for all means of contact, such as telephone and e-mail, maybe longer than normal.

The victims must now wait out the effects of the virus and return as soon as it is safe in accordance with the recommendations of the relevant authorities.

Increasor is an expert in finding digital solutions for all needs. We want to be the leading company in tech investments in Scandinavia. Increasor focuses on simplicity and business intelligence rather than complex and expensive solutions. Technology should be about supporting and empowering people every day, not the other way around.



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