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Press release

Increasor is recruiting additional cutting-edge expertise to the board

A successful new share issue has now been completed in the fast-growing company Increasor Tech Invest, during this period a restructuring and strengthening of the board was also carried out and three new members have been elected.

Andreas Trouin, who previously acted as external CEO, has now been elected to the Board as a member. Having a CEO who also sits on the board provides extra security for both the other board and shareholders through increased transparency and security.

Mikael Ljunggren was elected to the Board as a regular member. Ljunggren’s huge experience in entrepreneurship and innovation gives a push in the right direction for Increasor, thus, enabling the company to benefit from his unique way of thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and incredible sales focus.

Ljunggren comments; – “To begin with, I want to thank you for the trust, it feels extremely inspiring to shoulder this role at a stage when so many exciting things are happening at once. The whole company group is buzzing with innovation and vision, so there is not much to add. One of the things I have made myself known for is being a strong networker with a great sales focus. This is mainly where I think the shareholders and founders see great potential in having me around the board table. ”

Lucy Dahlgren has been elected as a member and Chairman of the Board. Lucy is an experienced entrepreneur who founded Bayn Group and led the company to list on Nasdaq First North in 2014. Lucy has initiated and implemented M&A strategies on Bayn and besides, she has experience of taking a company from a business idea to listing the company on Nasdaq. This makes Dahlgren an extremely strong chairman of Increasor. In addition to her broad experience with listed businesses, she also has a huge network internationally and especially in the Asian market.

Dahlgren comments; – “It’s fantastic fun! I am inspired in particular by Increasor’s business development and well-thought-out business plan, it is something unique that has been developed and it triggers me. Sitting on a board of a company with such strong growth potential for the future is challenging, and I look forward to that journey with Increasor. I have done it before and can do it again, strengthened by experience from the previous growth journey from idea to a market listing. I envision an intense but superbly inspiring time with Increasor. ”

In connection with this, Mattias Ahlberg is leaving the Board to focus 100% on his role as Investor Relations manager and to run the wholly-owned subsidiary Increasor Corporate Services AB.

Magnus Wingqvist and Eleonor Åslund remain on the board as previously communicated.

Increasor’s teams are experts in finding digital solutions for all needs. We want to be the leading company in tech investments in Scandinavia. Increasor focuses on simplicity and business intelligence rather than complex and expensive solutions. Technology should be about supporting and empowering people every day, not the other way around.


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