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Increasor strengthens the board in preparation for the listing

Increasor Tech Invest (publ) which is planning a listing during the spring of 2021 have, during an extra general meeting the 5th of January, decided to elect four new members of the board. The process with recruitment of an expanded board, has been going on since September 2020.

The four people that was elected in to the boards is Helena Hallgarn, Magnus Forsbrand, Eleonor Åslund and Magnus Wingqvist. Andreas Trouin and Angelica Jansson is exiting the board, while Mattias Ahlberg remains as board member and head of the board.

Mattias Ahlberg, head of board and responsible for the recruitment process comments: – “It is a great feeling to finally have the board in place, it has been a long process that have both been really interesting and challenging to say the least. Since we went out looking for it during September, approximately 100 people, fully qualified, reached out and wanted to be a part of our journey. It is flattering that we create such a big interest, but also a big challenge in the form of the process of who should go further. Of these, the company have had an initial conversation and interview with approximately a fourth and finally reached the final four. Competence and experience have been important factors, of course, however also to put together a mix of different abilities have been important. After todays board meeting, I am entirely sure that we have put together a team which can create a winning strategy and is fully equipped for a good journey to the stock market. Andreas becomes an external CEO and can therefore focus fully on his executive role while we in the board create the strategy, exactly the way we always wanted it. I also want to thank all those that shown interest for our recruitment, for many interesting conversations, none mentioned, none forgotten.” Ahlberg finishes.

A short description of the members that enters the board follows:

Helena Hallgarn, b.1967, Strängnäs. Helena holds a bachelor in law, and Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from the University of Uppsala, in addition she holds 20 university points within IT-management from the University of Stockholm. Helena holds a number of positions of trust which lay close to the operations which Increasor runs, among other as chairman of the Swedish organization for IT and Law, and as Vice President in ELTA, European Legal Tech Association. Within the frames of her own company, VQ AB, Helena have developed a LegalTech-system, VQ Legal. With her legal background and her business mindset, Helena will be a valuable Asset.

Magnus Wingqvist, b.1980, Uddevalla. Magnus is a fully fledged IT-engineer, which have during the later years gained university competence at the school of business in Gothenburg, among other things business planning for growing companies. In addition to this he takes classes about board work as Styrelseakademien. Magnus is the founder of the IT-Consult company, Peoplez of Sweden AB, which have had a good growth. Magnus is a curious and pragmatic engineer which be a big asset to the board, not least as a person to talk with regarding the company’s development units.

Eleonor Åslund, b.1961, Åkersberga. Eleonor hold a degree from the University of Stockholm within staff and organization. After she has been working with building a multinational company establishment in Sweden, in different roles, Eleonor was recruited by Marginalen Bank. It was when Marginalen Bank was founded, so Eleonor have been a part of it since the first rock was placed and have witnessed all parts of the bank in her role as HR-specialist. After 13 years at the bank, Eleonor started her own movement and work with selected board assignments. The combination of have been a part of it from the start in a financial operation and a HR-specialist makes Eleonor a valuable resource for Increasor which is also in a phase of building both operational and organizational.

Magnus Forsbrand, b.1966, Karlskrona. Magnus is a civil engineer from Chalmers Techonological Highschool in Gothenburg and holds a multi year education within global leadership from IMD Business School in Switzerland. In addition to that, Magnus holds a certificate for board work from the Styrelseakademien. Magnus have long experience of leadership in listed environments, as latest as CEO for the Nasdaq listed MultiQ International, before that as CEO for Ledstiernans biggest subsidiary company as well as Vice CEO in Europolitan Vodafone, which was then one of Sweden’s 10 biggest listed companies. Today Magnus works with selected board assignments, currently as president of the board at ALMI Företagspartner Blekinge AB. Magnus is stock exchange experience personified and have a technological background which values the company highly.

A more in depth presentation of the boards members will be found in the investment memorandum which will come before Increasor IPO.

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