Press release

Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) launches a financial magazine

Increasor Tech Invest (Increasor). Have in the shortest time possible created a financial magazine named

The magazine was launched the 28th of April 2020 and in an instant received a positive reception by readers hungry for news.

Aim and positioning will have a number of main categories that will get a lot of attention and more regular financial news will get less attention, since the intention is not to compete with the big houses of media within finance, rather to catch the news that does not get so much attention in the general day to day news.

Among these areas of focus are IT (tech) with focus on fintech and LegalTech, housing market, capital raising such as pre-IPOs and IPOs, alternative investments, raw materials and cryptos.

Plans a section for learning

Soon there will be a section for learning within alternative investments on Finanstid. It is the boards conviction that the general level of education outside the traditional buy/sell on the stock exchange, is in big need. The education will be released as independent articles, where the readers can discuss each episode on Finanstid Facebook page.

Andreas Trouin, CEO and head of development in the project comments – “It is crazy how fast we were able to produce such a competent product as! Certainly we have done it before, multiple times, but yet I have never seen such a seamless development project. It stands to show that the team of developers we have worked with for a long time works like a clock, despite a row of geographical differences and time zones. Undeniable it is satisfying that the team works so well, and it gives us at Increasor the confidence to accept far more advanced projects. I want to direct the worlds biggest thank you to all involved!”

Sprattlevann have multiple areas of business, some of these are as partners in start-ups, activities of investment, communications and marketing, foremost in public environments, for example Investor Relations for listed clients. Sprattlevann was founded by Andreas Trouin and Mattias Ahlberg the winter of 2018/2019.