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Increasor Tech Invest Letter from CEO 16/3

Dear Shareholder,

The time has now come to give an update regarding what has been going on during the latest months and what is planned ahead.

According to plan, the work to strengthen the organization with key roles continues. We have recruited Liisa Anttila as our Financial Controller, as well as Fredrik Wakman as CSO, whom have begun creating a sales department, where we have hired two salesmen and another two are on their way in, they will first and foremost focus on marketing products for B2B but also increase sales in all of the companies inside the corporation.

We have just closed a very successful Pre-IPO and now have over 1200 shareholders and it is a fantastic feeling to see so many people believe in us and the operation we run.

Registration of the new share are currently in the work and should be visible in the share-ledger shortly. Information will be sent out via the system in the share-ledger when it is registered. The share-ledger is run by Nordiska Värdepappersregister (NVR) which is the biggest digital share-ledger in the Nordics for unlisted shares.

Listing Process
The listing process is running according to plan, we currently have a dialogue with potential mentors for the listing, according to the rules that the markets have. In connection with the listing, the share-ledger will be transferred to Euroclear (former Värdepapperscentralen VPC), and will then be visible in the bank and account which you registered at the time of subscription.

If you know straight away that you have not registered the bank/account, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

We are also going to give a call to the people that we are missing the information from.

Acquisition Strategy

Multiple dialogues is being held with potential acquisitions, both within e-commerce as well as accounting. This is according to the growth plan we talked about during our pre-ipo and more companies reach out and want to be a part of our corporation.

Organizatorial Growth
The corporation has received multiple bigger assignments within both IT-development and Corporate Services. The challenge lies in to coordinate and plan the different projects to be able to optimize the efficiency in the organization. Recruitment has begun to find an IT-developer in Sweden with focus on project management and in time shall hold the position of CTO.

What is currently receiving a lot of focus of the assignments is one for one of Sweden’s biggest organizations and more information regarding this project will be given soon.

Follow our journey in the media, everything we do is being followed up by which is one of Sweden’s fastest growing financial magazines. Of course you can find us on all of the social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


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