Increasor Tech Invest – Letter from the CEO December 2020

Increasor Tech Invest - VD-brev December 2020
Dear Shareholder,

The smoke have now cleared after the new share issuance that was done during early autumn. We are still overwhelmed of how big interest the campaign attracted. Everyone is working hard with the tasks that lay ahead and continue to take care of your vote of confidence. It is truly inspiring, at least now when good news just keep coming. Both from the company’s view, but also that we finally see the light in the end of the tunnel and that we soon can go back to living a normal life.

Plan of listing

An initial contact has been taken with the markets that could fit towards the company’s listing. We have presented our conditions, goals and ambitions, and have been well received from representatives and/or Heads of listing. Now, while you are reading this letter we are sitting with a draft of an agreement with mentors and market places to decide about the last details. The way the dialogue goes, the listing will happen during April 2021. The reason why we are hurrying the process than what has earlier been communicated, is that the world looks to be opening up again during the spring and we want to be a part of that.

Recruitment of the board

As earlier communicated, a recruitment of a new board is vital for the listing. We announced through Styrelseakademin that we were looking for new directors and received close to 100 candidates whom showed big interest to be a part of the board. Of these applicants, an initial meeting has been booked with approximately 20 people, and most of them are now completed. It is our head of board Mattias Ahlberg that runs the process and have these conversations with candidates. The election committee have chosen four people that have answered positively to be a part of the board, therefore a summon to a extra general meeting will be announced on Friday the 18th of December.

To give you a little more information, we have focused a lot on competence, background and network. The roles that we have looked more deeply into is to get at least 1 person within the areas: “Acquisition expert”, “Board professional”, “Law, agreements, HR”, “Tech-background”, It is important for both us and the board to be more towards the operative and and assist whole-heartedly, rather than a nice name on paper.

High flow of projects

Increasors businesses receives a lot of project to take care of and is daily taking care of new propositions and offers from companies. A lot of them want to be a part of the journey and that is also a part of why we are planning to list earlier.

A lot of exciting projects within fintech and legaltech will be presented within the coming time, in addition to this the company within Corporate Services “Capeum” receives more and more inquires of it’s services, some of them are complete projects to assist with capital raising and listing processes.

Preparing the organization

It is important that we now prepare for a listing and that includes building up the organization so that it is suited for a listed company. Some of the roles that will be filled straight after the years end is economy, sales and growth hacker. During autumn we have increased our development team with two new developers as well as a project coordinator. A challenge that has been recognized it that a lot of people are unsure of the future and rather stay in their secure workplace during the pandemic. Despite this, there are industries that have taken a heavy toll because of the pandemic and left good individuals without work, we have put a lot of focus in getting them back in to work with us. We get the opportunity to create a very stabile team and get knowledge from other industries while we make sure that their competence do not go to waste.


The plan is to during January/February do an IPO which includes further spread of shares and capital raising in bigger scale than earlier. Of course, owners prior to this will have preferential rights. Creation of a strategy is underway and we already received interest from anchor investors, and investor groups that are willing to guarantee the whole or part of the issuance – if we want. No decision is made, the doors are still standing wide open. Since it is multiple actors, it shows interest and puts us in a better spot for negotiation.

New company in the corporation

Increasor have established a new company in the corporation which is the Corporate Finance-function which have existed in the operations a long time but has not been it’s own company. The company is named Capeum Nordic AB and the person that is responsible for the operation is Mattias Ahlberg. A separate press release will come out shortly which describes the operation.

You have not missed that I was in our podcast Framtidsbolagen? Listen here through Spotify!

With that I want to thank you for the past year, thanks to you who messages us and asks questions and showing your involvement. Thank you for waiting for the virus to pass and that you are keeping up the hope. I hope that you are creative during the Christmas times and find new ways and methods to celebrate Christmas, without the big family physically present. Think of everything we have learned and think what the technology really can do, and how much there is still to do. That is what we are aiming for – to solve traditional problems with digital solutions.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andreas Trouin,

CEO, Increasor Tech Invest


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