Increasor’s PR machine demonstrates Proof of Concept and grows further

Increasors PR-maskin påvisar Proof of Concept och växer ytterligare

Increasor’s unit for Investor Relations, Public Relations, and Corporate Services has grown to be an avalanche since its inception. It all revolves around the digital financial magazine Finanstid with its podcast Framtidsbolagen which is available to thousands of listeners. From the start, the vision has been to be able to offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to gain exposure to a relevant group of audiences that makes a real difference. In recent months, despite the holiday season, a “Proof of Concept” has been repeatedly demonstrated, and that the publications are on the right track.

The Framtidsbolagen Startup breaks all records

The first episode after the summer break of the financial podcast Framtidsbolagen was published yesterday, 2 August. It was about an exciting company in cybersecurity, JS Security with Christopher Ramstedt as the guest on the podcast. The company informed us that they participated in the podcast around lunch on Thursday when the share stood at SEK 4.80 and the market immediately reacted positively to the announcement, the share closed at SEK 5.75, an increase of close to 20%.

Friday was calmer but it bubbled in various stock forums about the company and its participation in the podcast, many were excited about the release and what would come out, the stock closed up to 6.10 SEK.

On Monday morning at 08.00, the episode was released and the number of listens exploded, so did the share price when the stock market opened and the share closed at SEK 8.70, since Thursday an increase of over 81% since the participation was announced. On Tuesday, the rise continues even more intensely and at most the share was traded at SEK 13.90, crazy about 189% since their press release on Thursday. The company value had then increased by more than SEK 57 million during the same period thanks to the interactive communication with the market.

Finanstid has made itself known for having a loyal readership with a focus on early investments such as IPOs, digital development, and interesting start-ups. The loyal readership has long passed 40,000 subscribers with continued strong growth and the page now has an average of 125,000 daily page views. Together with targeted e-mails, it generates a fantastic conversion for our customers.

Communication that makes a difference

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