Increasor's eCPSYSTEM


The thing about being a tech-driven business incubator, that invests in traditional businesses where digital solutions are applicable is not just about having the skill to achieve set goals for our clients and other organizations, it has more to do with the internal affairs, which demands having a structured plan driven by our value proposition to diligently execute every task without hiccups affecting the effectiveness of our company while we use our revolutionary ideas to digitally shape business across the globe. Our ecosystem is made up of several units of basic sectors such as our accounting agency, our Tech Agency, our corporate services firm, and our recruiting agency. All our sectors work seamlessly together by creating a customizable and efficient approach to problem-solving.  

Before any organization can achieve tasks and set goals, they must have a structured operating technique, which allows all sectors in the business ecosystem to function appropriately towards a set goal. Increasor combines corporate services, accounting, tech agency and recruiting, while still delivering the best for Startups and Businesses. This, not only shows a profound business modulation but it shows the efficiency of our approach to our tech-driven ecosystem and it is what we consider to be the Holy Grail of our business. 

To gain a proper understanding of how we approach and make businesses succeed you also need to understand how we approach our business functions. This process and approach can also be mimicked to provide solutions for startups and Businesses 


At Increasor, we conduct rigorous research before venturing into any type of business model, we make sure we govern the ecosystem rather than being a victim of the ecosystem and the planning phase includes the following. 

Setting The Objectives/ Identifying Roles
No doubt every organization should have its goals and objectives which is what their services are based on, but Increasor’s approach goes deeper by setting the objectives, structures, rules, and practices for each unit in the organization. After each sector identifies their roles they can all proceed to work individually to achieve their goals which will frame the business conduction and efficiency. 

Mapping The Specifics and Interaction
The task extends beyond only mapping out the plans but also writing out the specifics. Imagine the ecosystem to be a computer keyboard. Identifying the roles is stating what the keyboard will be used for, which is typing, but mapping the specifics is stating what each button will be doing and the Interaction, this is how each unit can work together, e.g the “Control” button and “C” button can be used to copy while the control and button ‘V’ can be used to paste whatever was copied. This is also how the interaction in the ecosystem works. The specifics of each unit have to be mapped out and how they interact with each other.

Identifying The Challenges
All businesses have certain challenges and hiccups they encounter in the long run, while some are preventable, others are inevitable, which is why we prepare for everything. The approach includes making contingencies for different scenarios that can affect our tech-driven industry and try to solve them before they appear. Undoubtedly, some problems occur that are unexpected, but we pride ourselves on the proper planning that helps in minimizing negativity and solving problems. 

THE MANAGEMENT The thing about management is that it varies from one organization to the other, while businesses have a common ground to which they are being governed it’s no news that other certain industries have their unique ways of handling business, which is why we use different techniques to handle our clients business and these methods have all been proven to be a success. The management of the Tech industry ecosystem will differ from the Auto-mobile industry, which is why we distinctively approach the internal affairs of our tech-driven ecosystem. 

At Increasor, our flexible mode of operation allows us to manage each sector differently but sensitively without violating any rights or going against any workplace code of conduct. You might think why do we manage them differently? All units under Increasor are vital to our efficiency and to reach the best of their potential in each unit, which is how we also approach our clients. Our revolutionary techniques won’t be revolutionary if we stick to the traditional approach to the ecosystem. 

Our approach also makes crisis minimization possible and eradication very fast, which is one of the functions of good management, but our approach makes it look easy. 


Recruitment is a vital part of any industry, in fact, many companies have gone extinct because of the belief in their self-sufficiency. The tech industry is a dynamic one, innovations come in every day and for us to keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry, we recruit talented individuals to keep up, improve and maintain our revolutionary standards. 


This being the final stage of our approach is self-explanatory. We can only plan so much, but without the necessary will to execute all the plans, then it makes it all futile. Increasor being a combination of many units, our plan is making sure every project and process is going according to plan.

The above-listed approach to the ecosystem is actively working to make us productive and to tender a positive result to our clients. At Increasor, each unit and department is aimed at delivering their best. 

Our Portfolio is large and it can only get larger, so can your company when you work with Increasor because we believe the only limit man can have is his imagination and at Increasor, there’s no limit to our imagination. 

If your business is to be digitized to meet other world-leading businesses then we are your best bet at reaching your peak.