Increasor has reached an agreement with Eye Market AB to enter into a partnership within the framework of Increasor’s incubator program. This was announced through a formal press release.

On Wednesday, the agreement, which extends over 18 months, was signed as the first step. The founders of Eye Market are Martin Frick and David Nilsson, the former has worked in the opticianry industry for more than 20 years, while the latter is a serial entrepreneur.

The partnership focuses on marketing and increased sales of already existing products, but also system development and the establishment and implementation of an exit strategy where market listing or acquisitions are closest at hand.

Andreas Trouin, CEO of Increasor, comments on the deal: – “It feels incredibly fun to work with Eye Market and the Render Sports brand. The founders have already gathered a strong group of owners and in a short time have taken their business idea to reality and will now enter the phase of scaling up, driving traffic, and increasing sales. The product is a future that will thrive from now and even into the future because gaming and esports have increased significantly during the pandemic. A gamer puts on their hardware every year, This is also an addition, it is a pair of ergonomic glasses that also protect the vision from the screen,  nothing compares to this. An innovative product that basically every individual who has a screen in front of them should wear. Andreas emphasizes that this is an important starting point for Increasor, which welcomes its first project to the incubator. ”

Martin Frick, co-founder of Eye Market, comments on the partnership, – “ We have found that Increasor’s incubator program will suit our business perfectly as we can get help to make a comeback for the company with a much clearer business plan and with clear milestones to follow. I am very much looking forward to getting started with the new partnership. ” David Nilsson, co-founder continues, – “Increasor has all the tools we need to succeed. As founders of the company, we have developed the products that satisfy the current market need, and we are sure to deliver on that promise. What we need help with are broad international commercialization and a marketing plan, these are areas where Increasor is well at the forefront. There is nothing that can stop this from a breakthrough now! ”, Concludes David.

Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) is currently carrying out a share issue prior to its upcoming IPO, which is planned for 2021. The aim is to increase the number of shareholders prior to the IPO and to accelerate growth by acquiring more companies and services that together form a complete ecosystem for Increasor’s partners and customers. . You can read all about the issue and how to participate here, the issue runs until the end of September or until it is fully subscribed.

About Eye Market AB
The company was founded by Martin Frick and David Nilsson who are still the main owners of the company. They manufacture and sell glasses with specially developed UV protection. The glasses are used especially when spending a lot of time in front of a screen so as not to strain the eyes. Today, glasses are mainly used by people who play a lot of computer games. The glasses can be designed according to a prescription and delivered worldwide within a week after ordering on the website. More products aimed at other user groups are under development and are expected to be launched in the near future.

About Increasor’s incubator program
Increasor’s incubator program was established in 2021. As an incubator, Increasor strives to deliver a service that is as comprehensive as possible. They work with a model where ownership in the participating company is taken immediately before the partnership begins. After that, Increasor delivers services such as project management, IT development, design, accounting services, legal advice, corporate services, capital raising, etc. All this is done on a pro-bono basis for debiting in a predetermined event, such as exit.

Participation requires the approval of the Board’s committee for incubator operations. Increasor’s revenue streams are through exit and ongoing debiting of services performed.

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