Investing in tech startups


As a business incubator that is essentially focused on tech start-ups, Increasor constantly dedicates resources to investing in tech startups. Increasor eyes new businesses, ideas, and innovations that pave the way right into the future. Because we are a growth-driven ecosystem, the impact that tech has on the future at large fuels our desire to be part of the doers that play crucial roles for the future of Tech.

Startups have continued to revolutionize several sectors of the economy, major startup bright spots this year include Tech and Digital companies, mindfulness and mental health enterprises, food and drink, and sustainable fashion, according to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation.

With so many exciting markets giving rise to high volumes of startups, Increasor believes it is a great time to invest in an array of opportunities that have huge growth potentials. And our investment could be pivotal to the success of enterprises that we choose to back.

Economically vital

Increasor believes in providing the vital funds needed for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and new businesses to unlock potential and achieve their goals. We believe that the startups that overcome the tough first few years in the competitive business market are the employers of tomorrow. Our well-timed investment, therefore, is not just hugely important for the Tech community, but also the wider economy.

Job creation is an obvious by-product of investing in startup management teams, with the ability to turn their ideas into profits. And this positive impact of startup success is increasingly being felt across several countries especially in Ukraine, Sweden, UK, and generally in the EU. 

Benefitting the whole country

Increasor’s national network of startups is maturing, helping all regions to benefit from our investment opportunities. While Sweden remains the focal point of our startup investment, interested investors anywhere in the country practically have a wealth of opportunities on their doorstep to partner with us and provide financial and non-financial resources to startups that interest us.

A lot of new businesses have made huge successes that would not have been possible without investment in their early stages – startup investment, then, is clearly crucial for a growing and diverse economy. We know that by Investing in Tech startups we can improve our economy and standard of living. 

Tackling global problems and Tech issues

By supporting innovation and Investing in Tech Startups, Increasor can also have a hand in solving the world’s technology and Digital problems. Solutions to environmental or social challenges are often only possible with the support of needed investment, and currently, our funds are in high demand.

Plastic pollution, unsustainable food production, and the impact of climate change are among the big challenges many Tech startups are taking on. And as startup investors channeling our support as a tech hub, we are a vital ally in their fight.

Why should you pitch your startup to Increasor?

As a startup or entrepreneur, you need to consider what factors and resources are best for the growth of your business or company. At Increasor we will provide you with a management team, A working business model, sublime market opportunities, Finances, and the Momentum needed to propel every important aspect of your innovation and idea. 

As Investors, we have developed a fail-proof approach that will ensure that your innovation experiences exponential growth while we also grow along with you.  We want to be part of your journey to speeding innovation, solving problems, building careers, changing the world  – and more – all whilst targeting strong financial growth for you, our partners, and our company. 

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