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The future of business rests on the shoulders of Technology, it is, therefore, rational to join the train of Digital Technology advancements and innovations.

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Revolutionary Team

With a team of highly skilled and motivated personnel, we are completely committed to providing ground-breaking tech solutions.

Innovative And Passion Driven

Constantly finding creative ways to improve the tech space and create value for our partners through digital innovation, we truly believe in our vision and we are relentlessly working towards achieving our objectives.

Finance, Tech And Marketing – A Solid Cooperation

As a team, we work as together like a single unit to achieve our organizational goals and objectives. Discipline is the lifeline of Increasor.

Invests In Upcoming Tech Solutions

Tech is the future and we remain ahead of the game by actively investing in new and innovative tech solutions.

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Road Map
15th mars - 22nd may
Initial Public Offering
20th april - 13th may
Legal listing process
1st May
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Stock listing


May 5, 2022

Kallelse till bolagsstämma 2 juni

May 5, 2022


Jan 20, 2022

Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma 17 februari

Jan 20, 2022


Sep 1, 2021


Jan 5, 2021

Kallelse till Extra Bolagstämma

Jan 5, 2021

Koncernredovisning 2020

Jan 5, 2021



Jan 5, 2021

Extra General Meeting

Jan 19 - Feb 23, 2021

Pre-IPO (+418 investors, 939 837 shares, 10kr)

May 14, 2021

Summon General Meeting

June 16, 2021

General Meeting

Sep 1 - 30 sep, 2021

Pre-IPO (+171 investors, 371 825 shares, 10kr)

Our team

Andreas Trouin


Mats Holmberg

Mats Holmberg

Chairman of the Board

investor team member 4

Magnus Wingqvist

Board director

Anders Tengsell

Anders Tengsell

Board director

Bli delägare i Increasor

Nu är publika emissionen live och det är möjligt för dig att investera till en kraftigt rabatterad kurs. Increasor står inför ett förvärv av en kedja som ska digitaliseras för att sedermera ta upp kampen i att köpa in trasiga telefoner, laga och sälja vidare. Digital tillväxt i kombination med att hitta potentiella unicorns är vår affärsmodell, vi får företag att växa.


When will Increasor enter the stock market?

We aim to enter the stock market during 2022. Dialogues have gone a long way with potential mentors.

Why go public and enter the stock market now?

Our main vision is to empower people, including shareholders. One of our others key focus areas is to acquire companies and closing deals as well as help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Even if we’ve already accomplished many of our business goals, we strive to grow even bigger which makes the stock market the next natural step. 

Who are the founders?

Glad you asked, meet Andreas Trouin, A young and driven entrepreneur  who radiates with a team of experienced specialists in Sweden. Andreas created a dream team and accomplished great success, this success led to the birth of an even greater firm  - Increasor. 

Will the shareholders get continuous updates regarding the movement of the company towards the stock exchange listing?

Yes, we will be very communicative with our shareholders and give at least quarterly updates by e-mail.

Our Address:
Our Address:

Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) Grev Turegatan 27, 114 38 Stockholm

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Our Mailbox: or Box 5205, 102 45 Stockholm

Our Phone:
Our Phone:

+46 (0)8-122 55 890

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