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When will Increasor enter the stock market?

We aim to enter the stock market by Q2 2021, with a pre-IPO and an actual IPO released during late 2020 and early 2021.

Why go public and enter the stock market now?

Our main vision is to empower people, including shareholders. One of our others key focus areas is to acquire companies and closing deals as well as help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Even if we’ve already accomplished many of our business goals, we strive to grow even bigger which makes the stock market the next natural step. 

Who are the founders?

Glad you asked, meet Andreas Trouin and Mattias Ahlberg. A young driven entrepreneur radiates with one of the most experienced financial guy in Sweden. Together they formed a dream team and accomplished great success with former crowdfunding platform which they then quit to work hard on their dream - Increasor. 

Will the shareholders get continuous updates regarding the movement of the company towards the stock exchange listing?

Yes, we will be very communicative with our shareholders and give at least quarterly updates by e-mail.

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Our Phone:

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