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Increasor changes names of subsidiaries – Creating a red line and unity

The board of Increasor Tech Invest have decided to change the names of two of the fully owned subsidiaries. The tech firm, former known as Sprattlevann AB as well as the company created late 2020 with focus on corporate services former known as Capeum Nordic AB. The new proposed names that has been suggested for registration is “Increasor Tech Agency AB” for the tech firm and “Increasor Corporate Services AB” for Capeum.

Andreas Trouin, CEO of Increasor Tech Invest comment the decision: – “We are growing fast all around the world, both through employees and consultants. The fact that we all belong in Increasor creates a bigger feeling of unity rather than splitting up our co-workers in different brands. We are now in Sweden, Ukraine, India and the UK, more and more people and companies are coming from different countries whom understand the value of allying themselves with Increasor and in this way create one strong brand. Another variable is of course the cost and energy you give in order to maintain multiple brands. I, the board and employees are now fully focused in forming Increasor to become the worlds coolest brand and corporation.”

The changes of the names do not affect the company structure in any other names are expected to be registered shortly.

Increasor are experts to find digital solutions for all needs. We want to be the leading company within tech investments in Scandinavia. Increasor is focusing on simplicity and business intelligence, rather than complex and expensive solutions. Technology should be about support and strengthen people each day, not the other way around.


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