Do you have a great idea? Is it your desire to build the next best Tech startup? Truth is, you cannot simply rely on planning alone, because having a great idea, planning to execute that great idea, and eventually executing that idea are three different steps that require a lot of focus, support, and resources (all of which Increasor provides). If you believe, we do too. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to transform your idea from just a small tick to a proper startup with a constantly rising growth index. 

Did you know that 71% of businesses fail within the first 10 years of their existence? 

As shocking as it comes, one of the major reasons these new businesses fail is because they underplay the importance of having all the support they need in form of management, experience, technology, flexibility, and marketing. Increasor as an ecosystem provides all these resources to startups that want to be part of the 29% that stand the test of time. 

If you’re still reading this, it shows you’re ready to get all the help you need with your next big Tech Idea. At Increasor we love investing in Tech ideas and startups that provide solutions to a wide range of problems. 

There we are ready to share some of our proven methods to ensure that you launch and grow a successful startup with us while also keeping it running for a long time after launch. 

So, Let’s discuss some of our methods with you.

We never take Extensive Research for granted

When you share your great idea with us, our first step is research. We will consider all available options, research the market segment and the niche your startup is going to be operating in. Do people need the products/services you are going to be offering?

Getting in-depth knowledge will also help us understand how things work in that specific business world. When it comes to launching a startup, awareness indeed begets power. A lot of startup businesses fail because they skipped this step – they lack market knowledge.

The more research we conduct, the more we will make strategic decisions that will help keep your launch and keep your startup running for many years.

Competitive analysis is a crucial part of our research. Knowing who would be competing against you is also essential for success. This is not mainly to spy on competitors but to arm us with insights into the best ways to get your startup running.

We dedicate ourselves to your Idea through BELIEF.

As we discussed in the intro of this post, we have to genuinely believe in your business idea for it to be a success. Strong belief in your idea is crucial as it will reinforce our confidence in times when the market changes or when we need to change our strategy. In times like this, our belief that a market segment needs the services your startup is offering is crucial. It is going to help us persevere through it all.

We Develop a faultless Business Plan

Most people are under the misconception that a business plan can be developed after establishment. A shaky business plan is an indicator of failure. Statistics show that of startups who launched with a business plan: 64% grew their business, 36% obtained investment capital, and 36% received a loan. These statistics are way lower for startups who launched without a business plan

A business plan is like the captain steering a boat; without it, the boat cannot arrive at its destination as the water will take it wherever the current flows. With one, you have a significant edge, and your chances of success are doubled.

Now, how do you write one? This is where Increasor’s corporate services come in, we provide every corporate resource that your startup needs to climb the ladder to success.

We will also help you Get Appropriate Funding

Because Increasor operates as an ecosystem, our business tree connects you to our crowdfunding platforms where thousands of investors are readily waiting to invest and help your startup reach its full potential. Check all the successful startups around you; you’d see that most, if not all, have received funding. There is no magic to launching a business – you need adequate capital to get your startup off the ground. While your company might require more or less funding depending on the industry, you would still need money.

Most early-stage entrepreneurs soon realize that the cost of doing business is much higher than they initially thought. 

We Surround Your with Only the Right People

We will provide Your startup with the ‘people capital’ it needs when launching your business. The kind of industry your startup is moving into determines the number of people and people resources you’d need. Increasor will help your startup to start hiring, register your business name, get a federal tax ID number from the IRS. 

All our resources are available to you, our corporate services, Accounting services, recruiting services, and Tech agency, are all ready to move your startup forward. We will get your business insured, and then start the process of hiring the right people into your startup.

In Conclusion

Increasor believes in ideas, and that the future of technology starts now. We are a Tech incubator that provides expertise, capital, resources, and support for startups and growth companies. we are interested in entrepreneurs with ideas, growth companies, and businesses that provide innovative solutions. Our disruptive approach sets us apart from conventional investment companies.

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