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Financing innovation & Growth for Startups

Is your idea the next big thing?

Increasor is looking to invest in ideas that provide solutions in the world of Technology and Digitalisation. With a remarkable growth in innovative technology, the possibilities of bringing great ideas to reality are endless. Have an Amazing Idea?

Financing and revenue generation for innovative business

As a Tech Incubator, our focus is on Start-Ups and emerging companies/businesses that possess huge market potentials. Our end goal is to support your innovative businesses/ideas with the resources required to grow and thrive in a competitive market

Our vision for the future

Increasor exists to empower developing businesses by providing financial support, generating revenue, providing needed resources/services, and proposing business solutions. Offering Digitalization, Start-Up Investments, Accounting, Recruiting, and other tech solutions, our vision for the future is to make your idea a reality, creating a world of endless possibilities in the tech space.

Building strong relationships

Increasor understands how important our relationships with our partners and entrepreneurs are. As such, we have built a system that actively puts the best interests of our partners and entrepreneurs at the forefront of our priorities

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships that create new opportunities for innovation and value creation.

Solutions that drive business growth

With our resources, entrepreneurs are equipped with growth catalysts that augment business development.

We are a beam for small businesses that require access to premium networking opportunities.

With professional and structural support from our sister companies, our partners enjoy an unlimited inflow of executable ideas, digital solutions, and vetted business insights.

Our support system is world-class, as we continuously provide relevant assistance in areas that we see fit.

About us

Why we are different

Our entrepreneurial experience is undoubtedly a plus when assessing character and quality investment opportunities. Increаsor is characterized by unique business qualities that most traditional venture capitals do not possess. Here are some of the qualities that make us stand out:
Intellectual curiosity
At Increasor we are constantly curious and updated on emerging technologies and product trends that fall within the digital technology space. This inclination requires that we maintain a work environment that is ready to learn and has a broad and deep knowledge base. Our intellectual capacity serves as a key indicator of our willingness to be part of futuristic groundbreaking projects, ideas, and innovations.
Dynamic thinking
Unlike traditional venture capitals, we always think ten steps ahead. Our thought process is dynamic and this gives us enough room to be creative in our approach to create business value for our investors, partners, and associates.
A high degree of focus
Focus allows us to differentiate between unrealistic potential and true potential. Increasor operates with a framework that is fundamentally thorough, ensuring that we never miss out on indicators from data, finances, and resources available to us.
Networking abilities
Work with a partner that is constantly networking both in the investment and startup communities and corporate industries. Our vast network can be your toolbox,
Calculated risk-taking
Being able to take calculated risks is an art form. At Increasor we are constantly assessing risk vs reward to get the biggest return across a portfolio of companies.
Business acumen
It is our responsibility to evaluate markets that may not exist yet or are in their early days. our experience and business acumen allows us to create logical solutions that will yield the best assessment results especially in relation to market size

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