October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas

How Framtidsbolagen works

Framtidsbolagen is a phenomenal podcast that listeners have found educative, interesting, and engaging. The podcast has systematically become a huge marketing channel for big companies and startups to reach their potential target customers who are usually daily listeners on the podcast.

Discussions on the podcast are centered around business tactics, ethics, financial growth, products, investments, tech, and innovation. By introducing both the newly started companies and the giants that have been active for a long time. listeners get useful information depending on what the company, business, or brand has to offer…

The businesses also share their approach and unique attributes, their history, what do their future visions look like, do they work sustainably and why is their company worth investing in? The main focus of the podcast is on growth companies.

“Marketing is not just about selling, it has more to do with providing value to potential clients”

What makes Framtidsbolagen unique

1- Thousands of active listeners ready to be educated, Informed, and Inspired.
2- Perfect avenue to provide value to target listeners
3- Quality business content and discussions that are meaningful, insightful, and growth inclined.