Press release

Sprattlevann in deal valued at 1,8 MSEK

Sprattlevann AB, has as development company sold the rights to a fintech platform, which the company have developed.

The buyer is a company that will run the platform, the company that acquire the platform will be co-owned with Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) which after the transaction will own 33 % of the operating company.

In the deal the platform is valuated to 1,8 MSEK, which shall be paid to Sprattlevann AB, as latest the 25th of June 2020, according to the partner agreement.

In connection with the sale, a partner agreement was signed with the three parties whom collectively will handle the platform.

Andreas Trouin comments the sale – “If course it feels important and fun to do this deal and still keep a bit of influence. We have a lot of experience with running this type of platform and our new partner will continue to have great use of our competence. This acquisition is a school book example of what we want to achieve with Increasor and the fact that we are allowed to harvest already, really shows that that the hard work we have been putting in pays of. Now we will manage this, improve and continue to do similar deal ahead, since we have a lot more products in our case.”

In regard to confidentiality, the other parties in the deal can not yet be made public.

Sprattlevann have multiple areas of business, some of these are as partners in start-ups, activities of investment, communication and marketing, foremost in public environments, for example Investor Relations for listed clients. Sprattlevann was founded by Andreas Trouin and Mattias Ahlberg the winter of 2018/2019