Press release

Sprattlevann has been purchased by a public company – The journey to the stock exchange has begun

The founders of Sprattlevann AB have established a public company with the intention to list the company by the first quarter of 2021. The name that is registered is Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ).

The new company has full ownership of Sprattlevann and the whole of its ulterior company structure, the structure is already complete and registered by Bolagsverket.

The plan of operations have been revised according to the company´s planned operations and consists in short by:

Tech Development

The company will through company of interest develop high tech platforms and applications which have a high scalability globally. The areas of focus are Fin-tech, Legal-tech and green-tech.
Developed products can be run internally, sold or rented to other business as a license. It may also be a combination of the revenue streams.
The founders have been in this branch of industry for a long time and have built a strong network of resources, both within Sweden and internationally. For this network, there are no limits to what can be developed in the digital world.
This area of business is led by Andreas Trouin, whom also is the CEO of the company.

Consolidation of traditionally analog branches of industry through acquisitions and digitization

To “Grow through acquisitions” is a word of fashion in the public world. Practically it means that a listed company, acquire smaller companies to its’ structure and pay by offering listed shares as payment. The valuation of the company increases for the listed company and the seller get a settlement as an asset as payment. This is a strategy that are used by the absolute biggest tech-companies in extent. The advantage is that it goes a lot faster than growing organically. The advantage for the seller is that they get a strong owner with financial instruments available and that they become a part of something bigger. As well as it is often possible to find synergies, for example within purchases and marketing.
Increasor will do this in extent and with the focus on a few industries, these are:

  • Labeled Products – This area is a place where Sprattlevann already began by acquiring a printing house on Kungsholmen in Stockholm September 2019 ( as well as developed an e-commerce for labeled products ( Moreover a number of acquisitions are being negotiated in the industry. A lot of companies in this branch of industry is have a hard time, the pandemic that have been rolling around during spring has not made things easier. The industry is going through a shift of generations, especially printing houses, That is something we want to use to consolidate companies and become a strong buyer at the same time as it exists many synergies to use in the industry.
  • Digital media – Media equals power! To have your own house of media that are seen and heard, is not only lucrative, but also a way to be noticed by the general public, which is a big advantage for a listed company, if you are not noticed, you don’t exist. Even here have Sprattlevann gotten a head start by the launch of the financial magazine “Finanstid” ( which have had a great start. There are thousands of websites that are run both on a “hobby” level but also professionally and that have good content but gets way to little attention and traffic, and therefore not profitable. By acquire and link these different publications, there are an enormous amount of synergies. Increasor is the start to a new house of media. Mattias Ahlberg will take head for this part of the organization, beyond his role as IR-manager and head of the board.
  • Legal & Fin-Tech, A platform for raising capital with the possibility to invest in listed as well as unlisted companies, will be developed during the summer with an expected launch date the 1st of September 2020. will be used to establish an interest. An agreement have been signed for divestment of a part of a tech-platform, Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) will still be a big owner but gains fresh capital.
  • An agreement have been signed for divestment of a part of a tech-platform, Increasor Tech Invest AB (publ) will still be a big owner, bot strengthens its position with working capital.

Operation development of early businesses and start-ups

Increasor will continue with Sprattlevanns operation development when there is enough time for this. In a greater perspective it will be linked to the other two areas of operations and will be added when the time is right.

Andreas Trouin, VD, comments-“After the hit with the reversed acquisition, it feels really good that we, in a short amount of time, got here! Now we have the legal platform to build from, and will be able to, in a structured way, reach the point that we are going to. The plan for operation feels really good now when we have focused on a thinner yet stronger and more lucrative plan. As it often happens you build the rocket while you fly, that is challenging but truth be told, the only alternative for us as founders, we are not the type of people that can sit six months in planning without doing anything”.

Mattias Ahlberg, Director of the Board, comments – “It took us a year to really find the right direction, but now it is clear! From now on we have the hard and challenging work ahead of us, but I do not shed any doubt that we will succeed. Everything is about to be 100 percent dedicated to what you do and believe in what you do, there are currently a storm of positive winds with us.”

Sprattlevann have multiple areas of business, some of these are as partners in start-ups, activities of investment, communications and marketing, mostly in public environments, for example Investor Relations for listed clients. Sprattlevann was founded by Andreas Trouin and Mattias Ahlberg the winter of 2018/2019