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Press release

Strong Growth – Increasor strengthens the organization

In line with Increasors way towards a listing and to expand the organization, a new Chief Sales Officer (CSO) have been recruited to increase the sales in all parts of the corporation. The assessment is that the recruitment will contribute to a faster way to establish a sales organization for Increasor and increase the revenue significantly. Increasor is currently in an extreme growth period which is expected to become even bigger in connection with the planned listing this spring.

Fredrik Wakman enters immediate the role as CSO. Fredrik began his career as a high school teacher within mathematics and vehicular knowledge. Then the career to a turn for Fredrik to developing workshops and car dealerships to increase sales and profit as regional director and business developer. 9 years later, Fredrik took on the role as Key Account Manager within the consumption and tools industry, with the Armed Forces as the biggest client. After 10 years he returned to the vehicular industry as Regional director and After Sales Manager. As of latest he comes from a position as Head of sales and marketing for 150 employees on one of Mekonomens companies.

Andreas Trouin, CEO of Increasor Tech Invest, comments the recruitment:- “It feels really good to get such a capable CSO as Fredrik into the corporation. I have earlier been in a dialogue with Fredrik in other errands and i am fully convinced that he is right person, on the right place at the right time. Increasor as a corporation have a lot coming going forward, especially a line of packaged services been launched and it feels really great to get more top of the line expertise. The role is probably the one that the corporation have been focusing on the most the last couple of weeks, since it is outmost important to go from words to action, and increase the revenue substantially. Sales is the heart of every company and we have put in a lot of time, money and effort to develop and package our services within the corporation, now it is time to harvest!”

Fredrik Wakman comments the assignment: – “It is a big challenge but also something I feel secure about. I am highly experienced within sales and sale organizations, even if I have worked with completely other types of products, the principles are the same and there is a giant base of knowledge in the company to assist me. To be able to work during major growth is something I have done multiple times in different environments, that is where my competence shines. I am glad that Increasor gives me the trust to join during this period and I feel really strong”

Increasor are experts to find digital solutions for all needs. We want to be the leading company within tech investments in Scandinavia. Increasor is focusing on simplicity and business intelligence, rather than complex and expensive solutions. Technology should be about support and strengthen people each day, not the other way around.


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