App Development

This is the 21st century, the computer age. A mobile application is not a mystery to anyone, in fact, it is one of the most used programs in the history of computer programming. Mobile application (Software Application, a computer program) is designed to run on mobile devices to ease daily activities.

From the onset, it was intended for only productivity assistance, calendar, contact database, and mails, before high demand resulted in the speedy expansion for more versatile use, which has resulted in the creation of millions of apps downloaded on devices used by mobile operating systems (IOS, Android, etc).
Mobile apps are often created to replicate the functions of software on desktop applications and websites which are more sophisticated and more effective because of the capacity of desktop computers and how responsive they are to render more complex programming, which is one of the services Increasor offers to a worldwide client base.
Using a specialized integrated development environment and mobile user interface (UI) we create different apps based on their classification (Native apps, Hybrid apps, Web-based apps) to suit the need of our clients


Native app

Apps that fall under this category are created to ensure the best performance for the specified mobile operating system. Any app that is created to be used on a mobile phone falls under the category of Native apps. Due to the difference in the operating system of some mobile phones, applications created for Android devices can not function on an Apple phone, which mostly results in companies creating multiple apps best suited for different mobiles the use of their consumers.
Our IT solutions create world-class native apps using the best interface modules, which ensures better performance, and good user experience with the wide access to the programming interface used for the apps.

Hybrid app

As the word implies, hybrid apps are the combination of native apps and web-based apps created to be able to support native and web interface and technology responsively. Most of these apps are developed using Apache Cordova, Xamarin, React Native, Sencha Touch, etc to ensure the smooth running of these apps. Our IT solutions exploit the available resources and technology to create a working hybrid app with 100% functioning on different mobile operating systems using a single code base that works. Hybrid apps are known to have different efficiency and performance problems and some look different on various mobile devices. We can guarantee that the Hybrid apps created by our company exhibit high performance at all times on all mobile devices.

Web-based app

The web-based apps use very little of the memory space of mobile devices compared to hybrid and native apps because all the databases are saved only on the internet servers and users can have access to their data at their convenient time.
Increasor’s IT experts create web-based apps using HTML 5, CSS, or JavaScript depending on the functions of the app, preference of the client and the apps need internet access to function. 100% performance is guaranteed on all mobile devices.

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