Coding and Programming

Increasor Tech is proud and confident in our knowledge, skill, and versatility in coding to render and create different interfaces, websites, and apps for our clients. Since the only concepts computers understand is binary codes, which is what we exploit to create apps, websites, and software. Our expertise and knowledge is deep in many programming languages which include; HTML, CSS, Yii, Codeigniter, laravel, Bootstrap, etc, which affirms our capabilities, but also our competence to manipulate different programming languages to create technologies according to our clients’ needs. With the experience and expertise of our programmers, you can always expect the following qualities.


All software, websites, and apps created by our team are very reliable, that is, the algorithm is correct, little to zero programming mistakes (mistakes that include race condition and buffer overflows in the resource management, which is a common error caused by programmers), zero logic errors and the overall, we create a flawless app, software or websites with a different programming language.


Our programs rapidly notify if there’s any problem or error, which vary from inappropriate data, corrupt data, incorrect, unavailability of resources such as memory, OPS (operating system services) network connections, power outage, and user error, which makes it easy to attend to either by our team or something that can be easily done by the end-user.


One of the things that make apps, websites, and software gain more traffic is the simplicity of the user interface. If users are not able to easily understand and navigate their way through software, then they would rather move to another app than spend time trying to learn how to use the app. Our team creates programs that can be easily used for their intended purpose, with the availability of graphical elements, clarity. Completeness, textual element.


No human should invent a technological device if they will be deprived or the sophistication of such invention will make it difficult for it to be maintained. Our programs are created as such that they can be easily modified by any skilled developer in the world. While changing programmers on some standards is not advisable, we still create one that can be easily fixed by anyone programmers without difficulties. We deliver nothing below a hundred percent.


After the long nights and the process of creating a program the most important thing is performance. Programs consume memory space, processor time, slows network bandwidth, the device, and sometimes user interaction, which will require our team to carefully create a program that will manage resources, eliminate memory leaks and clean temporary files. It should be noted that the choice of programming language determines the process of creation, efficiency, and performance, but it is our duty to create a flawless program that will function properly and effectively against all technical odds. Speed, performance, efficiency, and swift user interaction are assured in any app, website, or software created by our team.

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