Growth Marketing

Use data as a basis for creating communication that leads to growth

The primary purpose of our Growth marketing is finding ascendable and reproducible strategies and processes that drive the expected marketing outcome. Our focal point is on building great customer relationships; this strategy with the use of engagement and authenticity helps us to create and grow our customers’ lifetime values.

Marketing business consistently takes an upscale in our process, efficiency, and return which has resulted in huge success for all our clients, business partners, and affiliates.

Growth Marketing is technical, involving marketers to take a technical, but attractive approach in the engagement and the retaining of customers. Increasor’s Growth Marketing processes and strategy uniquely vary from one company to another but the outcome has yielded widely acceptable results. The strategy we use has a feasibility component that makes it optimizable for Digital Marketing Development, Data-Driven Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (C.R.O) for any business or organization.

A working growth marketing strategy is based around different metrics, which includes Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention, Customer Acquisition rates, etc


Also known as A/B testing is a vital component to aid in the rigidity and efficiency of any growth Marketing strategy. It involves comparing different segments to ascertain which variant drives more in terms of conversion. I.e. knowing which part of your business, service, or product engages people (customers) by running multiple tests. Increasor uses Multivariate testing in different formats of marketing; social media ads, email marketing, landing pages.

The beauty of this method of growth marketing is that it helps you in discovering not just how much traffic a particular content, graphics, copy, etc is getting but also helps you realize the type of people engaging in such posts.


Let’s help you create different and strategic channel plans to contact customers; channels which may include SMS messaging, Email marketing, direct mail, In-app Marketing, push notification, all varying based on the audience that your business is trying to reach. Compared to the multivariate testing, this method focuses on the individual user, to be able to resonate with the campaign, by using their preferred communication style, language, etc.


You need to know the journey and perception customers have with your product.

There are three stages to this:
A standard Growth Marketing process leverages all three stages in the customer lifecycle, focusing on one not more than the other.

Activation is the first stage where an organization seeks the attention of a customer which potentially furthers into nurturing, nurturing occurs when the organization is aimed at strengthening the relationship between them and their customers while Reactivation is like the last stage but systematically designed to drive retention and loyalty.

Increasor is immensely skilled in using selective and advanced tools and methods to run your growth marketing campaigns (Onboarding, Referral Programs, loyalty, etc). These programs attract customers and ultimately yield more traffic and engagement by studying and exploiting your target customer’s preference.

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