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Grow your business with our leads generation strate

Without a doubt, Digital marketing has a broad approach, there are a lot of ways to optimize business goals, increase engagement and ramp up sales through digital trends. Advancements in technology and new innovations keep coming into the limelight. Our teams are specialists in these areas, so our clients get the best leads.


Increasor has impressive and working marketing programs that spawn and generate powerful leads which in turn aids in business growth and improves sales for our clients. Irrespective of the type of business, as long as our clients are willing to upscale the return from their various investments.

Lead generation in Marketing is the instigation of customer or consumer interest or inquiry into the products and services rendered by a company.

Lead generation is mostly used for e-newsletter acquisition, list building for sales leads, while it may fall under the branch of advertising it is strategically equipped for much more. In line with digital marketing, leads generation is sourced from personal referrals, which could be through telephone calls, web referrals telemarketers, adverts, etc.

Lead generation is divided into sectors, sectors in which Increasor’s level of expertise guarantees a huge turnover for your company.


This type of lead is generated based on different demographic criteria (Age, Income, household, etc. Increasor uses this method to generate leads fitting to the personality of each consumer. This lead is followed up through phones and emails, but can only be utilized on certain products/ services.


This type of lead generation in Digital Marketing is solely done for the generation of prospective customer interest into a business’s services or products through the internet. Few mediums are exploited for the effectiveness of online lead generation. Most online platforms have a background history of being extremely hostile to some categories of services and products, therefore it is important to analyze and understand which platform would work best for this purpose.


Top-notch Social networks bloom to stardom now and then, Increasor uses these social platforms to generate leads for different business opportunities valid to all businesses and organizations. LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook is the most popular for generating leads on social media. Our content management teams and designs teams excel at creating ads, posts, videos and content that interest users.


For years, way before social media platforms, emails have been a medium for businesses to communicate with their clients and vendors. With the constant use of emails and email marketing strategies, Increasor generates leads daily that can be used for campaigns in different forms, until there’s a new medium that sidelines emails it will remain a great marketing tool.


Increasor offers affordable advertising models that stand out amongst other digital marketing agencies.

These models are all suiting and fitting to different clients, depending on the decision that best suits their budget, business needs, and how far they are willing to go.

We use feasible strategies, tactical approaches, and technological methods to run our ads, strategic and targeted online advertising shows more potential than ever.

For any business to thrive, consumer and customer relation with the product has to be intimate and unapologetic. Increasor’s method of Digital marketing through leads generation guarantees high traffic to your products and services… only if you work with us.

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