Enjoy increased traffic on your website
You can only supersede your competitors on the internet with a strong and effective strategy for online marketing, one of which is through SEO and SEM (Search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are often confused with each other and in most cases, individuals and some organizations cannot tell the difference. While they might almost be the same, they are slightly different from each other.



Search Engine Optimization is the strategic way of improving, sales, quantity, and quality of website traffic from search engines, while Search Engine Marketing is internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility on various search engines through paid advertising.

SEO has a structured functionality which can also be called its pillars. Increasor Tech’S digital marketing agency works by using all the pillars of SEO (Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Content, Off-page SEO) to deliver a swift and high tariff for our client’s websites.

Technical SEO

This pillar of Search Engine optimization is aimed at improving the technical structure of a website which includes, speed, responsiveness, security indexing, etc.

On-Page SEO

This is majorly focused on optimizing the factors on a client’s websites that help all search engines understand the content in context (heading, Meta-tag, images, etc.)

Content SEO

With great content, solid and strategic copywriting, and necessary keywords that match the intent of the search engine user, Content SEO will function best.

Off-page SEO

This pillar is utmostly aimed at securing and improving the authority and trustworthiness of websites on search engines and its users. The more trust a search engine has in websites, the higher ranked the website which results in more traffic.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on the other hand uses paid tactics to gain visibility on search engines (which can also be called Pay Per Click in online Advertising). Increasor Tech uses tactical expertise to run ads for our clients in available formats to reach their target audience with comprehensive keywords, insights, and research to create campaigns for products and services for different types of organizations.

While most organizations might not be able to tell the differences between both methods of digital marketing and in most ways cannot tell which is best for their business product and services, Increasor Tech offers professional tips and advice on which is best for your business.


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