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WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms in the world of programming and most importantly web development, not just because it is an open-source content management system, but also because of the user-friendly interface and function. Our company provides custom-made WordPress themes, plugins that are available in thousands on our platform, and code customization.


Increasor’s unequalled WordPress Development services can help you migrate to the WordPress platform from any other content management system or e-commerce platform easily, securely and seamlessly. There is no limit to what you can do with your website, as you can always choose to upgrade your design, version or even template.


At Increasor, we have a team of experts that are experienced and equipped to create wordpress plugins that are highly customised to augment and improve website performance. The WordPress plugins that our teams create are SEO- friendly and guaranteed to deliver premium performance due to seamless integration. Enjoy extremely compatible and secure plugins that are also free of Bugs and hacks.


With Increasor’s unique WordPress theme customisation services you can design your website themes to suit with your Business Solutions. Our wordpress development options are customizable, flexible, premium, all-inclusive and very engaging. We will ensure that even as we create the themes for your business and brand, we also make sure that your website remains 100% responsive and yielding.

You can purchase and download different themes, plugins for your websites, we have a host of them you can choose from, ranging from themes for e-commerce websites to business websites, school websites, and if you want to create your social network, there’s always a theme you can pick from.
It has been established on our capability to manipulate programming languages for various software creations, our team also provides full website creation for different businesses, installation and theme setup for your websites, website building, etc. It is only from us that the best is assured because we provide the best.

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