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Press release

The web-agency Sprattlevann launches system for lead generation through AI

Increasor owned Sprattlevann have during a longer period of time, helped internal clients with lead generation to increase sales, so the salesmen can focus on what is important, closing deals. By outsourcing the prospecting and let warm leads roll in, which specifically shown interest to be contacted the sales have become more efficient and more deals made. Now external clients are offered this service, whether there is a need to get candidates for a recruitment process or find qualified clients to decrease the prospecting time. Sprattlevanns newly launched system can increase the number of leads and sales considerably.

Businesses within AI are estimated to have a combined turnover of 126 billion dollar as soon as 2025 and in Sweden this market is nearly untouched, that is why the fully owned subsidiary company is the first to create more contacts to companies. The system is fully GDPR compliant.

Andreas Trouin, head of operations for Sprattlevann comments the system:- ” We have during a longer period of time helped internal clients to increase their sales and get qualified candidates for their services and products. Over time we have come to realize the need for this service is far greater than expected and therefore we have created this system we call E.C.C.D (Engage, Convert, Close, Delight)”. Andreas continues:- “This means that we target marketing to engage the audience our clients want, then we convert these to give hot leads to our clients, after this a sales person takes over the dialogue and have a whole other situation from the start, since the person in question already shown their interest.”

It is possible to read more of the service on the newly updated website.

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